About us

IPR is a company whose main objective is to provide the best specialized services for the power generation industry. IPR seeks the complete satisfaction of its customer’s needs by helping them get high returns on their maintenance, retrofit or construction projects.

IPR staff has extensive experience in the mechanical, electrical and control fields, specifically focused  in power generation.

IPR is distinguished by providing innovative services and solutions, with a bilingual, multidisciplinary and technical human resources and with proven efficiency that reduces operating costs and response times of scheduled and unscheduled shutdowns, thus creating a synergy that translates direct into benefits for the customer.


"Helping our customers increase their productivity using the latest technology available, reducing the environmental impact in a sustainable way and support our society through training and generating employment opportunities for talented people."


"Set IPR as the leading services company providing qualified personnel and turnkey solutions for the power generation industry in Latin America, while maintaining our uncompromising principles and values as we grow."

  1. GE MS5001B / MS6001B GE / ST 30MW

    Plantas Aníbal Santos y Álvaro Tinajero
    Guayaquil, Ecuador

  2. 130MW 2xGE GT 6FA

    Planta Machala Power
    Machala, Ecuador 2004

  3. 133MW ABB ST DKY2-INDR1

    Central Trinitaria
    Guayaquil, Ecuador

  4. 185MW CC GE ST & GT 7EA

    Operadora San Felipe
    República Dominicana,

  5. 102MW Westinghouse 501D5A

    Intervisa Trade - Trinitaria
    Guayaquil, Ecuador

  6. Pratt & Whitney FT4 / GE LM6000

    Planta Aníbal Santos
    Guayaquil, Ecuador

  7. 210MW 6xGE TM-2500

    Planta Termogas Machala
    Machala, Ecuador

  8. 170MW ST Doosan-Skoda

    Termotasajero II
    Cúcuta, Colombia

Quality policy

"We are committed to meet customer satisfaction before, during and after the development of maintenance, improvement and construction projects for the power generation industry, meeting the objectives of quality, speed and innovation, ensuring continuous improvement through quality work of our employees and social welfare."

Environment, health and safety policy

"To encourage active participation of all our employees and prioritize the protection of our health and the environment."

International Power Resources has successfully installed more than 500MW of power and given major maintenances to more than 30 different units.