General Solutions

Being at the forefront of the latest technologies, know-how based on practice and our continued commitment to quality; make International Power Resources a complete solution from the time of acquisition of a generating unit to the implementation thereof and maintenance.

When hiring one of our services, International Power Resources will develop a work schedule according to your needs and will manage agile and precise a customized solution for your requirement, whether it is the acquisition, installation or maintenance of the generating equipment, improving performance and prolonging its life.

IPC Fast-Tracks
IPC Fast-Tracks Efficiency
IPC Fast-Tracks Speed

IPC Fast-Tracks

IPR provides turnkey solutions for power generation, providing comprehensive services of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC). Our EPC strategies focus on speed and efficiency, the use of pre-designed package solutions, large engineering capability and excellent knowledge of the generation market, which allows us to tailor our solutions to the complete inventory of available equipments, be a system for an engine or turbine, a boiler or the balance of plant.

Our comprehensive services go far beyond the traditional; we offer complete solutions maximizing the performance of their plant assets.

Featured Project

Termogas Machala

Termogas Machala, Ecuador

GE TM-2500 / Upgrade of control systems for dual fuel

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Turnkey projects

IPR provides turnkey services for thermal, hydro and renewable energies power generation plants. The customer will benefit from a quality service in the shortest possible time provided by qualified and experienced staff.


  • Engineering on site
  • Multidisciplinary Staff
  • Office and tool containers
  • Transportation and heavy lifting equipment
  • Special tools and measurement equipments
  • Documentation tracking and quality registers

Featured Project

Termotasajero II

Termotasajero II, Colombia

161MW ST Erection and comissioning

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Steam and gas turbines

Whether it is a natural disaster, premature failure, power outage, or just scheduled maintenance, IPR serves all types of steam and gas turbines throughout their life cycle, from old to the latest technology.

Our "Open, Clean, Fix & Close" service is available for all sizes and types of turbines. We have the experience, equipments, tools and personnel to carry out minor to major maintenances, combustion and hot gas path inspections.

Our technicians handle all routine maintenance procedures as well as those requiring sophisticated techniques.

IPR, through its services division is committed to support owners, operators and manufacturers, while respecting confidentiality, service agreements and business relationships.

Featured Project


Operadora San Felipe, Dominican Republic

Major maintenance to GE 7FA and 60MW ST

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Electrical Generators

The services available for generators from IPR are:

  • Disassembly and rotor inspection
  • Evaluation of stator
  • Suitability tests for use
  • NDT to components
  • Demagnetization
  • Alignment
  • Replacement of collector ring
  • Replacement of retaining ring
  • Repair of partial discharges
  • Inspection of ventilation ducts

Using the latest technology in electrical test sets, IPR also provides support for:

  • Copper winding resistance of each phase (DLRO)
  • Insulation resistance and polarity index (Meger)
  • Insulation resistance RTDs
  • Power factor test
  • Partial discharge test
  • Leakage stress test
  • Over-voltage tests
  • Testing EL-CID (Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection)
  • Dielectric Absorption Test

Featured Project


CELEC Gonzalo Cevallos, Ecuador

Major maintenance to 120MW generator

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Repairs and sales of parts

Steam and gas turbines

IPR is able to provide repair of capital parts, rejuvenation of materials and spare parts for power generation plants.

We have established connections with partners worldwide through our presence in several countries, in order to be able to provide immediate solutions with the support of the most prestigious brands in the market , always ensuring compliance with the orders of our customers.

We demand quality, proven experience and competitive prices to all our suppliers, either for scheduled maintenances or repairs and emergency supplies.

Featured Project

Anibal Santos

UEG – Aníbal Santos, Ecuador

GE MS5001B / Major maintenance to steam turbine

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Qualified Man Power
Qualified Man Power Technicians 24/7
Qualified Man Power Experts

Qualified Man Power

Contract staffing

IPR has built its reputation on quality workmanship and highly skilled staff for small and large projects.

All our staff are trained to our high internal standards that cover both technical and environmental health and safety requirements in accordance with ISO standards.

We support operators and manufacturers, offering specialized technicians to help with inspections, evaluations and repairs of most industrial gas turbines, steam turbines and generators.

We also offer 24/7 guaranteed support service with personnel on site through contractual maintenance agreements.

Featured Project

Thermoelectric La Sierra Power Plant

Termosierra Plant, Colombia

NOX System Installation to GE 7FA

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Control & excitation systems

Upgrades, extensions and retrofits

IPR provides engineering development and man power for complete or partial retrofits of control systems.

Aging or improperly engineered regulator and control systems have the potential to become a liability and cause additional operational and engineering challenges in the event of a failure or outage, our team of field engineering experts is ready to maintain or even help you select and upgrade your control system.

We improve the availability and reliability of the equipment working with recognized brands in the market and offering continuous support with after sales services.

Part of our services are:

  • Design
  • PLC Upgrading & retrofitting your control system
  • Controls & Excitation Field Services
  • Repair with New or Re-manufactured Parts
  • Installation & Commissioning Services

Featured Project

Esmeraldas Refinery

Esmeraldas Refinery, Ecuador

Overhaul to 4 GE ST & Control Upgrade

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Services for electrical area

Low, medium and high voltage

IPR provides solutions to the power requirements of the different components of the generating plants.

Parts of our standard services are:

  • Installation of LV & MV cabinets
  • Installation & Wiring of Switchgears
  • Installation of MCCs.
  • Installing variable frequency drives
  • Revision or replacement of HV elements

Featured Project


Termocolon - Colon, Panama

GE Frame 6 / Generator Maintenance

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Operation and maintenance

Power Generation Utility Plants

IPR offers to our customers the operation service and maintenance of their power plants and substations with highly qualified technical personnel to ensure the conservation and proper operation of their facilities. Hiring this service and our experience guarantees:

  • Maximizing operational availability of the plant
  • Preservation of assets with a preventive maintenance plan
  • Integrity of the plant
  • Cost reduction with proper management of resources
  • Knowledge and agility to detect or resolve specific needs

Specialized services

  • Mechanical and Laser Alignment

    - Alignment service for turbo-generators, turbo-compressors and pumps.

    - Reduce installation time and inspections.

    - We combine laser technology and traditional mechanical procedures.

  • Visual and Boroscope Inspection

    - Timely identification of possible internal problems.

    - Visual inspection and evaluation of internal components.

    - Available for turbines, engines and boilers.

  • Vibration Analysis and Dynamic Balancing

    - Prevent damage of internal elements.

    - Determining mechanical equipment conditions and test sismic equipment.

    - Getting real-time data.

    - Interpretation & Analysis of misalignment,imbalance or other causes

  • Machining Services

    - Recover airfoil elements

    - Roughing material to prevent friction.

    - Correction geometric dimensions.

    - Gouging.

    - Blade row cutting

  • Sandblasting and Non Destructive Tests

    - Sandblasting, Hydro Blasting for mechanical parts.

    - NDT: Liquid penetrant, Magnetic particles, Eddy current, Ultrasonic, Resonance, Infrared Thermography, Replica test

  • Electrical Tests and Relays Calibration

    - HIPOT DC & VLF Tests.

    - Current Induction and protections tests.

    - Cable and insulation tests.

    - Energy Quality

  • Plant Design and relocation

    - Dismantling and packing structure and equipment.

    - Custody Transfer & components.

    - Relocation, installation & alignment.

    - Cad and power output design.

    - Renew or replace equipment.

    - Improvement of current processes.

    - Commissioning.

  • Performance Test

    - Determination of effective power.

    - Determination of fuel consumption.

    - Check compliance with contractual conditions.

    - Check dynamic behavior of equipment.

    - Modeling considering plant performance.

International Power Resources has successfully installed more than 500MW of power and given major maintenances to more than 30 different units.