International Power Resources provides the best specialized services for the power generation industry.

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We provide service to all types of gas and steam turbines and auxiliary equipment throughout its life cycle from old equipment to the latest generation technology.

Our "open, clean and close" is available to all sizes of turbines and generators.

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Areas of expertise

International Power Resources has assisted major power generation companies from the early stage of a new project through the lifetime of the generation units.

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Gas turbines

Gas turbines

Some projects include:

  • General Electric
  • Pratt & Whitney
  • Westinghouse
Steam Turbines

Steam Turbines

Some projects include:

  • GE
  • Alstom
  • Skoda
  • TGM
Aeroderivative Turbines

Aeroderivative Turbines

Some projects include:

  • General Electric
Hydraulic Turbines

Hydraulic Turbines

Some projects include:

  • Riva Hydroart
  • Delta Delfini
Internal Combustion Motors

Internal Combustion Motors

Some projects include:

  • MAN
  • Hyundai
  • Caterpillar
Electrical Generators

Electrical Generators

Some projects include:

  • ABB
  • Siemens
  • General Electric
  • Mitsubishi-Hitachi
  • WEG
Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Some projects include:

  • LS IS

Boilers, HRSG & Balance of Plant

Some projects include:

  • B&W

Our Technology

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  • Mechanical and Laser Alignment

    - Alignment service for turbo-generators, turbo-compressors and pumps.

    - Reduce installation time and inspections.

    - We combine laser technology and traditional mechanical procedures.

  • Visual and Boroscope Inspection

    - Timely identification of possible internal problems.

    - Visual inspection and evaluation of internal components.

    - Available for turbines, engines and boilers.

  • Vibration Analysis and Dynamic Balancing

    - Prevent damage of internal elements.

    - Determining mechanical equipment conditions and test sismic equipment.

    - Getting real-time data.

    - Interpretation & Analysis of misalignment,imbalance or other causes

  • Machining Services

    - Recover airfoil elements

    - Roughing material to prevent friction.

    - Correction geometric dimensions.

    - Gouging.

    - Blade row cutting

  • Sandblasting and Non Destructive Tests

    - Sandblasting, Hydro Blasting for mechanical parts.

    - NDT: Liquid penetrant, Magnetic particles, Eddy current, Ultrasonic, Resonance, Infrared Thermography, Replica test

  • Electrical Tests and Relays Calibration

    - HIPOT DC & VLF Tests.

    - Current Induction and protections tests.

    - Cable and insulation tests.

    - Energy Quality

  • Plant Design and relocation

    - Dismantling and packing structure and equipment.

    - Custody Transfer & components.

    - Relocation, installation & alignment.

    - Cad and power output design.

    - Renew or replace equipment.

    - Improvement of current processes.

    - Commissioning.

  • Performance Test

    - Determination of effective power.

    - Determination of fuel consumption.

    - Check compliance with contractual conditions.

    - Check dynamic behavior of equipment.

    - Modeling considering plant performance.

International Power Resources has successfully installed more than 500MW of power and given major maintenances to more than 30 different units.
Thermoelectric La Sierra Power Plant

Featured Project

Thermoelectric La Sierra Power Plant

Electromechanical installation of two sets of demineralized water injection for NOX emission control for 2 GE gas turbines, models 7FA. Medellin, Colombia. Customer: General Electric. View details


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We have completed projects in Mexico, The Caribbean and South America.

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Some of our clients include




Doosan Skoda Power

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